Web-based Leak Detection

For companies who do not want the expense of on-site leak detection, Auspex offers an inexpensive alternative. Using one of our interface modules and a secure network interface, a minimum amount of data is sent to a secure and dedicated server for processing. Leak Track then processes this data as if it was onsite providing full functionality. Status of the pipeline(s), batches and scrapper/pig tracking can be viewed using any browser using a secure (128 bit SSL encryption) connection. A unique web domain name is created for each company.

What you get with the service.

  • No contract, cancel anytime.
  • Dedicated server, no shared data with other customers.1
  • Secure, outbound data only, transfer to our server.
  • Unique URL (domain name) with SSL encryption.
  • Username and password login to access the Leak Track 2000 operator interface.
  • Automatic backups.
  • Maintenance and pipeline configuration changes included.2
  • Telephone support during normal business hours included.

What it costs.
For a single pipeline the costs are:

  • $1000.00 - initial setup3
  • $ 600.00 - monthly service

Additional pipelines for the same control center can be added at a discounted price.

Why do we do this?

We take all the risk. With our "no-contract" policy we know you could be gone in a few months if our software does not perform. Auspex has confidence Leak Track 2000 will meet your leak detection needs, today and into the future.

Auspex thrives on long term relationships. While our initial cost are low we anticipate a long term relationship. It is to our advantage and to your benefit to provide the best possible and robust software for our clients, creating a win-win for both of us.

After using our web based system, you may decide to upgrade to our on-site system. For your peace of mind, we do not send any back into your control center. Advantages of the on-site system are:

  • A more accurate leak location because of faster data.
  • Integration of status, alerts and alarms directly into your SCADA system.
  • In-house control of equipment and software.


  1. Servers are USA based. Servers based in other countries may require additional costs.
  2. Complex or unusual piping may require additional charges. Does not include on-site visits.
  3. Additional charges may apply depending on interface to collect SCADA data.